"Men exist for the sake of one another." (Marcus Aurelius, AD 121-180) 

We abide by this precept in all that we do – both in interaction with our clients and in the work we and our partners carry out in the interests of our clients. 

We offer implementation-oriented business and management consultancy services, complementing the law, tax and financial advisory services provided by the partnership Noerr LLP. 

Our consultancy services focus mainly on small and medium-sized companies. We see ourselves as experts implementing solutions worked out together with our clients. Our clients see us as their partners, assisting them in achieving their goals more quickly.


Facts & figures

Founded: 2001

Client structure:

by sector

by turnover volume

by order structure

Automotive 35%  < €100 million
25%   Interim management
Plant manufacturing 30%  €100-500 million
Other 35%  > €500 million
35% Financial advisory 15%